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The Bleecker Group’s passion is to assist small to medium businesses structure their internal operational process, provide guidance with identifying and developing systems as well as to support the business in ongoing training requirements.

We love working with businesses to see them flourish, expand or just be great! Our love of cloud based solutions coupled with over 15 years of business experience; allows us to bring our clients a wealth of knowledge, while remaining committed and focused on creating systems and frameworks for the businesses that we partner with.

Want to transform your business?
We can't wait to help 
you get started.

Our clients are our partners, that’s why we choose them carefully:

"Deanne and the Bleecker Group are a brilliant software integration consulting group. They have the practical experience of having managed  SME businesses as well thorough knowledge of current technology and software.

This helped us to not only select the best combination of software for our business but they also helped us to set up processes ensuring we used our technology effectively." TIGER TRIBE

"Bleecker Group was instrumental in helping our business to grow in a fast moving environment. Deanne's vast knowledge helped us seamlessly transition from a basic system to a more sophisticated program and tailored it to our omni-channel business. In a short time we were able to meet the stringent requirements of trading with department stores. Deanne has a 'care factor' for small business beyond what a usual consultant would, and has become our go-to partner for IT systems and operations advice." LOUVELLE

"By implementing a centralised inventory system I have been able to grow my business without the immediate requirement for additional staff. When I did employ staff I had systems and processes in place enabling smooth induction and training" HUXTER

"We had outdated software to manage our stock and had no POS. We upgraded our system which has been a massive improvement in stock visibility, organisation and streamlined our outgoing shipments. The Bleecker Group implemented the new system, provided training and support" MINI DISC

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