August 16, 2018

 The world is every changing, so is the business landscape and the technology we use to enable our business to function. Part of this is the introduction of cloud-based systems. Systems that have been developed where there is no requirements for an internal server, which for some business isn’t’ affordable or necessary. You can run your business form anywhere in the world through some amazing platforms. These can also be defined as SAAS, Software...

March 15, 2017

The fastest way to business suicide is not knowing anything about your business. Crazy, yet so simple!

I recently spent a couple of days in Sydney at two of the premier trade shows for the fashion, gift and homewares industry. It is where retailers and wholesalers meet every six to twelve months to source new and upcoming products for their stores. I love this industry, it is creative, always something new and brings a diverse world of retail toge...

February 28, 2017

Apart from being business focused and career orientated I am a proud mother to one little boy. I always go into the most things very prepared but also extremely open to change, so when I had my son I took on most advice and kept an open mind at the same time. However one piece of advice I remember that at the time I couldn't wrap my head around, the midwife warning me about day three. What was so important about day three that she was giving me t...

February 27, 2017

I recently read a quote – The 6 most expensive words in business are: “We have always done it that way.”

How many businesses keep doing what they have always done – doing the things that they are comfortable with, and in turn their business sails along. How long can you sail in business without changing the way you do things.

Each week we come across businesses that want help in simplifying internal processes, streamlining their business model or i...

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