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On day three - it's shit!

Apart from being business focused and career orientated I am a proud mother to one little boy. I always go into the most things very prepared but also extremely open to change, so when I had my son I took on most advice and kept an open mind at the same time. However one piece of advice I remember that at the time I couldn't wrap my head around, the midwife warning me about day three. What was so important about day three that she was giving me the heads up about. Day three she explained is when you fall apart, cry all day and pretty much come to the realisation you have just had a baby!!!

Crazy! Was what I was thinking. I am a pretty level headed strong woman looking forward to being a mum. There is no way that I would loose it on day three.

So I have my son, no complications, great birth (after 50 hours of labour - that's another story) he was perfect. The first couple of days we were getting to know each other, finding our way through the theory of having a child and actually having one. Then comes day 3....

Well, I lost it! I was snappy, crying at the drop of a hat, upset that my water retention will never go away and wanted to get out of hospital. Clearly I was not thinking straight. So why do I relate this child birth experience to that of a project... Well in a less dramatic way day three (and sometimes 4 or 5) of a project is shit!!! There I said it - SHIT. The pre project planning can be at times fuzzy however it is explorative and really underpins the theory of what we are going to do. Day one and two, we are getting to know each other, setting the scene, the project timeline and a little about how it is going to look, redefining what we want to achieve. Then day three comes around and it's real, the penny drops.

What we have talked about is becoming a reality. We are now testing our theories and questioning why we are doing what we are doing. The hard work kicks in and it all becomes real and we ask ourselves.... Are we really doing this?

And my response - we sure are, let's go!!! No project is smooth sailing, not if it gets you the results that in theory you have asked for. I will question you, push for answers, challenge the structure of your current system and get you to do the same. In the end what do we have... A new baby or should I say a system suited for your business and its continued growth! It's a roller coaster it's not meant to be linear nor perfect in execution. As people we aren't. We want to be organic in how we approach the very thing that underpins your business operations. Trust me with the process and to achieve the best outcome for your business.

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