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Deanne Luke is Principal and Director of the Bleecker Group, she is passionate about implementing system solutions for clients which enhance their operations and enable strategies for growth. Having worked in the SME business space for most of her career in roles encompassing marketing, sales, human resources and operations, Deanne is dedicated to introducing businesses to the best technology solutions available; ones that traditionally large corporates would exclusively have access to.


The business landscape is constantly changing and Deanne has an in depth understanding of how critical it is to implement systems that streamline process, are scalable and deliver effective operational requirements. She has knowledge across a a range of systems however specialises in inventory management and project management solutions; working specifically in service and product based industries she can provide insight and knowledge concerning which systems reflect best practice as well as being practically aligned to a business’ goals.


Deanne believes in a consultative style and approaches each client as a business partner. Her business model is based upon gaining an understanding of a client’s current operating environment, what their imperatives are for the future and the hurdles they currently face in achieving them. Deanne then works with the business so they can gain a better understanding from an operations level; assessing, implementing, training and supporting a new system integration is a vital part of the success of Deanne’s involvement with a client.

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